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I am one of those people that love to hear the sound of their voice. That and my lousy attitude make for a mixture as toxic the next day, mexican dinner ASS-DRIP!!

It's the office X-Mas party and the XEROX machine was left alone...  Try to take as many photocopies of YR ASS AS POSSIBLE before yr prude co-workers bust you for it!!!

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Hello all you out there in
WebTV Land
Monday, May 26th, 2008!!!
The Good Reverend XERO J. FETUS has the WHOLE WORLD in his hand!!! YES!!! THE WHOLE FUCKIN' WORLD in his Hand!!! He's got the WHOLE WORLD in his [mouse] hand and his other hand's cupping his balls!!! [At least he's not holding the shaft!!!] ...WELCOME TO THE SHOW! Look in the 'margins' of this book and you will see a 'finer, crisper' line 'around the edge' [So to speak...] And so without further adieu... Blah blah blah... THERE'S A NEW XFRI SONG UP!!! Check out THE SOUNDBOARD for the XERO FETUS opus "Honeryrose" I added new poop on the poop for
The NEO-catholic Coven - A Sex & Drugs Death Cult page!!! ...chuckle... I [obviously] have the 'new' LINKS page BUT I Found a [basic] template of the original!! Watch for it to be incorporated 'back' into the electronic golf course soon!!!! Still missing the 2 show posters BUT The show review from a [now defunct?] local zine PHAT was found!!! ...with the old links page!! [might I add...] You can now visit my YOUTUBE Channel on the Bootlegs & Stuff page, which has been 'cleaned up' a little and also includes the "Edge & Balance" and X.W.A. webpage links... The XFRI Official Bootleg 2002 29 song demo is also still available from this webpage for $5 (postage included). Use the E-mail link at the bottom of the page. The New XFRII Official Bootleg 2006 is taking shape nicely. Pre-Order yrs today for ONLY 5 DOLLARS and receive XFRI 2002 for FREE with it!!! Those 2 "Official Bootlegs" will turn into these 3 albums eventually... XERO FETUS "Looking Forward To A Buried Past" will feature "New" versions of my songs from past bands and several "salvagable" recordings made when in those bands. (I think that sums up the album title also.) XERO FETUS "...Of Habits Devil Is Angel Yet In This..." An introspective title from a line said by the title character in William Shakespear's Hamlet (ACT III SCENE IV - Line 175) and will feature tracks that were not played by other bands. The third album is HOLLAND OATS "White Light / White Noise" which is myself and Jack Static's "2 man band" project. THE SOUNDBOARD IS UP!!! Choose it on the menu to the left and down load live and studio music from some unsigned canadian talent. This took me a while and was a big BITCH, So hit the page and download this! Thanks to The Righthand Man for some of the live show dates on the concert chronology. I went to WRESTLEMANIA XIX Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt... With the last of my "youthful" dreams fufilled I can get on with my "boring adult life." *NOTE* When the fuck is this album suposed to be out? I still have NO IDEA! Without further grumbling... RIOTSTARTERS will be featured on an upcoming FORGOTTEN REBELS Tribute released nationally by STAR Records!! We're doing the tune "England Keep Yr Stars". *NEWSFLASH* Added to "The Forgotten Tribute:" Xero Fetus' girlfriend, Eva DeStruction, And her band PAINTED HUSSY doing a cover of "Live Strippers In Action!" Joining Eva(Gtr/vox) are: Ratley Have-Not on bass/b.vox and Jack Static manning the trap set. Release date still UNKNOWN Keep yr eyes open for it anyways... All this AND you can play the arcade classic PAC-MAN!!! "If" you can find it... Chuckle... That's the news and I am outta here... Oh yeah... Send me an E-mail... It'll get you on the mailing list.

The Good Reverend
Xero J. Fetus III

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